Hy-Conn is a super-fast connector for fire hydrants and garden hoses

Pro Edition
for use with fire hydrants
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Home Edition
for use with garden hoses
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Connect hose to hydrant in less than 3 seconds.


Attach Hy-Conn with no threading or wrenching.


Tested and proven at 1000 psi over 1000 cycles.

This video shows how easy the Hy-Conn Home Edition is to connect. Shown is Evonne, Age 70 who sees a Rheumatologist for Arthritis, connecting the Aluminum Home Edition unit. This was her first attempt to use the Hy-Conn Home Edition.

Hy-Conn is a patent pending product 11 years in the making. Creator Jeff Stroope began designing Hy-Conn in 1999 after seeing too many homes destroyed simply because of the time required to supply water to a fire scene.

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